The writer is sitting in a very cramped space right about now. By the time this article is published, he will have knocked on his editor’s door and requested a new desk. Once his boss gets wind of all its advantages, he may be persuaded to overhaul the office’s d├ęcor altogether. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. What needs to happen now is that all those old, cramped desks need to go. Along with those uncomfortable and non-functional desks will be placed those worn desk chairs on the scrap heap.

l shaped office desks

In the place of those old desks will come a new range of l shaped office desks which will also be saving the office manager a sack because not only are these desks fully functional, they can also be shared. Desk arms can be built up in such a way that at least two office workers can share one, L shaped desk. And that also means saving up on more office space. Back to the new desk. There is more room to maneuver, not that maneuverability will ever be necessary. Nevertheless, there is more drawer space, with two arms in tow.

On the surface there is more desk space. Optimized office environments always encourage a clean desk policy. That all depends on the worker’s functions. If all he needs to do is operate a desktop CPU then certainly, a clean desk is possible. And with more office space cleared, there is room to utilize as a pause area where coffee and refreshments can be enjoyed. But the writer still needs space to place all his necessary materials. Oh, that’s already taken care of. What also needs to be seen to is an ergonomically sound desk chair.